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The Design Bloc Welcomes Their Summer 2018 Brand Ambassadors

Summer is a time to relax, travel, enjoy time with friends, and have a generally all around good time. However, it can also be a time to learn new skills and grow as designers.

Working With Our Online Community

Our Summer 2018 Interns for The Design Bloc Brand Ambassadors Program joined The Design Bloc team to help, learn, and grow our brand so that you can continue to gain all of the benefits our online design community has to offer.

Our 2018 Brand Ambassadors

Join us in Welcoming Urvashi Vasishtha and Noah Wooding-Gonzalez to The Design Bloc as Brand Ambassadors! Their backgrounds in architecture not only helped provide ways and insights on how we could continue to connect with design students around the world, but they provided various skills, and projects to help contribute to the growth of the brand.

Our Typical Day

During our 3 week program, they learned tips and strategies that are traditionally not learned in design school or at work. A typical day starts with a team Kick-off call where we go over updates, goals for the day/week, and then we would spend time going over a group lesson, sharing new skills teaching step-by-step what goes on behind the scenes at The Design Bloc. Topics stemming from branding, digital marketing, engagement funnels, finance, graphic design, and online advertising are just some of the topics we discussed.


The Design Bloc's Product Recommendation:


Working in 3 Time Zones: Leveraging Technology

Our locations spanned over 3 times zones, thousands of miles apart, and locations ranging from Texas to New Delhi. To help support our workflow, we leveraged technology and online systems to virtually communicate and make our production and communication seemless. Platforms like Trello, Dropbox, Go-To Meeting, and Whatsapp, are just to name a few.

The Design Bloc Articles - About Our Ambassadors:

As the brand relaunch takes in effect, you will be exposed to some of the hard work they helped produced. To learn more about our new Brand Ambassadors, Check out their bio highlights at the links below:


Would You Like to Become a Brand Ambassador?

If you would like to become considered for our next Brand Ambassador program, or know of someone that would be a great addition, email us at

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Instagram to see some of our brand initiatives launching in the coming weeks!

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