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The Design Bloc®

The Design Bloc® was founded in 2014 and became a full-service design and consulting studio in 2017. 'Design' is our main focus, and 'Bloc' (which means community) aligns us with our mission to connect with the community beyond the boundaries of our firm. *We are currently on hold with accepting new design projects. 


  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - We design interior environments, products, and design solutions to better serve our clients' needs and long term vision.

  • TECHNOLOGY - We use advanced technology and systems to streamline our design processes, optimize collaboration, and promote sustainability.  

  • COMMUNITY - We believe in working and collaborating with our local and global community to connect and grow together.

  • EDUCATION - We create online and in-person design mentorship programs to provide educational blueprints for our digital network of over 16,000 creatives.

The Design Bloc® is a female-owned design firm, led by Erica Williams and operates from Florida, USA - with capabilities for remote design and collaboration. For more about Erica, visit our Design Services page.

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