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The Design Bloc®

A New Community for Designers.


The DesignBloc was created in 2014 as a 'hobby' -- a social community on Instagram and blog -- by Erica Williams, as a way to connect creative passions and people together; The Design Bloc brand was created honestly and humbly, from the dirty DIY ground up, and has grown steadily overtime to be much more. 



The Design Bloc brings people of all design backgrounds together to form what we to call "The Bloc." Bloc is a word of French origin defined as "a group of persons united for a particular purpose." The pronunciation of the word also goes hand-in-hand with "blocks" being the foundation of architecture, design, art, construction, and creative play as a child. The Design Bloc represents the movers and the shakers of the design community -- the ones who are brave enough to follow what they truly want in life and think outside of the box.


The Design Bloc has now has grown to a community on social platforms like, Instagram, Facebook, and most recently our YouTube channel. Our mission is to give back by way of sharing rising designers work, creating education guides, and working directly with communities. 

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow and work on exciting new projects, so feel free to reach out to us or follow our accounts if you would like to know more!


- The DesignBloc Team

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