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Best Valentines Day Gifts for Designers

It's that time again for gift giving! Check out my latest video below for my Top 15 Gifts for Designers. I chose gifts that could be given all year round and to both men and women Artists, Architects, and Designers.

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2) Camera Lens Mug:

3) Camera Kit – Sony A6000:

4) Coffee Maker - Keurig:

6) Apple Smart Watch:

7a) USB Back Pack (anti theft):

7b) Back Pack (anti theft):

8) Architect Mug:

9) Traditional Lamp:

10) Lamp New Age:

11) Bose Headphones:

12) Buddha Board:

13) Prismacolor Markers:

14) Deluxe Art Set:

*Disclaimer. These are not my products and/or I have not been asked to endorse any of these products by an influencer or third-party. I may or may not receive a small fee as an associate of Amazon Services LLC , an advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees (basically just pennies!) by linking to and affiliated sites. I am here to bring you the best advice and tips and these videos allow me to keep bringing you valuable content!

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