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Meet Urvashi | Brand Ambassador 2018

The Design Bloc Brand Ambassadors Program was created for us to connect with our audience more and allow designers, students, and followers on our social media platforms to help develop the brand by creating new content and initiatives.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

We define a Brand Ambassador as a confident, ambitious, entrepreneurial self-starter with business curiosity, and creative ability to help launch our new initiatives.

Find out more about new Brand Ambassador, Urvashi Vasishtha, below and learn how you can become one too!


Meet Urvashi Vasishtha

Urvashi joined the Ambassador team this Summer, and has been a pivotal influence in our content creation initiatives. Located almost 10,000 miles away in New Delhi, India, and a 9-10 hour difference between the other team members, we didn't let these minor factors get in the way of Urvashi joining the team. To some companies, they might have seen this as an obstacle, but we saw it as an opportunity. At The Design Bloc we believe in leveraging technology to connect with our users and clients; Why not our employees as well? This Summer we did just that, and we can't imagine our team without her.


Urvashi made this video about Architects during her Brand Ambassador training.


Urvashi's Path to Architecture

Urvashi is constantly fueled by compassion and curiosity. She always had an instinct to be creative and therefore decided to pursue a degree in Architecture.

Having spent five years learning, exploring architecture, her love for outdoor spaces grew and now wants to delve deeper into design concepts that associate with her curiosity of built environment in order to create a greener future. Currently, she is working on the idea of bridging the communication gap between the common man and architects through digital media.


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Urvashi's Design Influence

Laurie Baker, Le Corbusier, B.V. Doshi are some of the architects that she looks up to. She has a keen interest in the idea of ‘less is more’ and therefore follows the work of Tadao Ando for minimal inspiration. During a year of her internship, she has worked upon polishing her skills as an architect. She looks forward to pursuing a course in landscape architecture while also working on understanding the effects of design on human behavior.

In her spare time, you can find her reading a book, crafting stories for her blog or strolling around a city and observing buildings and people.

For more on Urvashi, follow her on her Instagram page here:


Want to Be a Brand Ambassador?

If you, or know someone that would be interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador, please send a request to the email listed here:

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