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Meet Noah | Brand Ambassador 2018

The Design Bloc Brand Ambassadors Program was created for us to connect with our audience more and allow designers, students, and followers on our social media platforms to help develop the brand by creating new content and initiatives.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

We define a Brand Ambassador as a confident, ambitious, entrepreneurial self-starter with business curiosity, and creative ability to help launch our new initiatives.

Find out more about new Brand Ambassador, Noah Wooding-Gonzalez below, and learn how you can become one too!


Meet Noah Wooding-Gonzalez

Noah Joined the Ambassador team this Summer, and has been pivatol with our re-branding initiatives.

Noah Gonzalez-Wooding was raised in South Texas along the border with Mexico. While contemplating his major, Noah decided to investigate architecture through the Syracuse University summer architecture program in his junior year of high school. Having always craved a creative outlet he fell in love with the field, and during his first year at SU continued to delve into design, form, program and their relationship to building space.

Constantly enveloped in form at studio, drawings that broke down concepts in models were what caught his attention the most; Soon after, abstraction became a common theme among his projects. During his second year (2016) he returned to his home college (UTRGV) to focus on a minor in Fine Arts, specializing in hybrid 2-D/3-D drawings, this is where he progressed his ideas in representation while still incorporating elements and dichotomies of architecture. Clashing opposing concepts, abstracting layouts, solid/void relationships, layering shape and form, and contrasting line-work were the foundation of his work.


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Noah's Design Inspiration

Woods, Nawer, Seikon, and Libeskind were influential designers that he drew inspiration from --They continue to inform his style today. During the year and a half that he attended his home college, he worked on improving his craft and expanding his portfolio; Now he is looking to return to architecture and finish his major, applying to both UH and UTSA.

Noah made this video about How Sketching is an Important Skill in Architecture during his Brand Ambassador training.

Noah's internship at The Design Bloc was successful for him to learn new skills in online business surrounding design/architecture and to apply these strategy's to his future endeavors.

For more on Noah, Follow him on his Instagram page here:


Want to Be a Brand Ambassador?

If you, or know someone that would be interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador, please send a request to the email listed here:

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