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Do Architects and Boy Bands Mix?

This week, the latest Summer TV Series called Boy Band debuted. "Boy Band" is a new series where young singers battle it out to become a member of the next great music sensation. Viewers at home will be allowed to vote for their favorite five band members, live, creating a group in the end.

Okay, so that's the overview, but what we really wanted to get at is that something truly disturbing was occurring throughout the show...Something we just can't bring ourselves to get over.

These 4 celebrity judges are being referred to as Architects!!!!

Yes, Architects!

Architects of ABC's new show "Boy Band"

Now you're probably saying...CALM DOWN, and wondering why this gets us so upset? "Architect is a cool word, and it shows that they are the Creators of the band...let them do it."

NO, NO, NO! Only if it were that easy to let go of it...

The major beef comes from everyone wanting to call themselves Architects: Software gurus, Engineers, now this!? Many may not know it, but Architects (building designers) have it hard out there. It takes a lot of steps to receive the coveted title. According to the AIA (American Institute of Architects) it's totally illegal to call yourself an Architect without the requirements below.

The Breakdown:


Most states require a professional degree in architecture: a Bachelor or Master of Architecture. This process varies between 3-7 years.


All states require that you work under a supervising Architect. This process of acquiring the necessary credits to complete your license roughly estimates around 2-3 years.


You’ll also need to pass the ARE. The ARE consists of 7 exams all which are very challenging. You will need to complete all of the exams within 5 years. If not, you need to start over. Yes, start over.


Once you pass the exams and complete the experience requirement, you can register for a license. That costs approximately $200-$500 a year for the stamp and continuing education.

Until Then, Architecture Graduates are licensed they are called "Interns", "Designers", "Architectural Designers" or if they are lucky -- "Architectural Designers." This can go on for people that are well into their 40's!

Now get our frustrations?

I wonder how long the AIA will allow ABC to use this term? Only time will tell...

How do you feel about this? Let us know!

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