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What We Saw // NYC Design Week 2017

Every year, The DesignBloc takes a trip to New York and immerses into one of the the greatest weeks in the world of design: New York Design Week!

ICFF features what’s best and what’s next in contemporary design, luxury interiors and high end furniture. Extraordinary styles by top international furniture brands and emerging new talent highlight unique furnishings, seating, wall covering, carpeting, accessories, lighting, kitchen, bath, outdoor furniture and more.

ICFF takes over the Jacob K. Javits Center every May, to present an array of exclusive custom international furniture, unique materials, high end kitchen and bath designs, novel concepts in residential, commercial and hospitality space lighting, luxury stone and wood custom flooring to apply to your next design challenge.

Take a look at our time from NYxDesign week and ICFF in New York City this month. See the captions and links below for more details!

DAY 1 //

ICFF : International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Welcome to New York!

ICFF takes place in the Javits Convention Center every year. This year it was on the first floor and it was AMAZING!

Meet Niizeki Hiromi // We met her at ICFF booth #2501. Here's what this installation is behind her:

"I used to collect junk mails and free catalogs.

Reason 1 : To study English.

Reason 2: To save images as collage materials.

Reason 3: All other part could be hand made papermache.

by tearing them into small pieces. Except PLASTIC WINDOWS of the window envelopes. I made huge collection of windows of window envelopes.

Thanks a lot my supporters, friends for collecting window envelops and even sent them to me internationally from Japan, Spain, France, New Zealand, addition to all over the USA. Many were very colorful, in different sizes, came with different security camouflage design inside of them."

This Devialet called the "TREEPOD" speaker was all about the bass. Really handsome design too!

Very nice design for a centrifugal fire pit called "Social Circle" by STICKS + STONES

Brazilian furniture by SCHUSTER

The Cielo Chandelier

This guy was awesome. He was playing really beautiful classical music and set a beautiful tone for the ALLIED MAKER booth.


Mid-Century Modern chairs

DAY 2 //


The next day we took a trip to DUMBO! It was a great day with an perceivable energy in the city.

Time to eat! Mimosas at brunch were a must!

TOO MANY MIMOSAS! Taking a break from all of the walking!

Awesome sculpture garden in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Architecture all around...

Well that sums it up! Until Next yearrrrr ICFF!

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