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2016 New York Design Week Recap

The DesignBloc was in New York for Design Week (NYCxDesign) and we are excited to bring you our highlights. Check it out!


We kicked off the New York weekend at The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). As always, it took place in the Javitz Center Convention Center. It's a big show, but we favor this show more than NeoCon since it has lots of variety, but it's all still manageable to see in a few hours. It takes place in May in New York City, but this year it's officially launching its Miami show this October. Miami - Get Ready!

These colorful lights

These colorful lights are 3D printed!

These chairs are heated, and way more comfortable than they look!


After the conference, it was time to party! Every year, on the same Saturday as ICFF, the furniture showrooms in SoHo open their doors to the public and have some great parties. The streets of the Design District get flooded and we took part in what we like to call the Designers Bar Crawl...yes, most showrooms come equipped with a bar and a DJ booth! This year, the team made our way down Greene and Wooster Streets and started the night at Cappellini's showroom. Then along the way, we made stops at FLOR, Cassina, FLOS as well (we had a blast using FLOR's photobooth!). To cap it off we ended the night at BluDot's 10th Year Anniversary party celebrating DesignMilk....very fun! See some of the photos of the shenanigans below:


The next day we ventured off to WantedDesign Manhattan. It is a smaller furniture and product design fair, but definitely worth the visit. It takes on a more eclectic/urban vibe, which was kind of refreshing. Lots of freelance designers were there to display their work and we found lots of creative designs and met many up-and-coming designers.

Check out this awesome expandable purse!

someone has a sense of humor :)


We hope you enjoyed the photos! We had a great time, and NYCxDesign week is definitely one of our favorite design events. Let us know if you attended any of these event, and feel free to comment and share with friends!


While we were in New York, The DesignBloc had the exclusive opportunity to visit WeWork and WeLive. Next week we will be sharing with you their awesome space, our experience there, and what's it's like to work at WeWork through the eyes of one of their office designers!

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