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14 Things Every Designer Should Do in 2015

Welcome to 2015! Here's a little motivation to help make this year even better than last year. Read, share, be inspired!

1. Draw More.

A drawing a day keeps the doctor away. Studies have shown that drawing is a form of active meditation---which can help lower blood pressure, anxiety, and stress! So grab a pen or pencil the next time you're talking on the phone or you have time to kill a little. You'll be doing more good than you think!

2. Be Patient

Things don't just happen overnight. Stay focused and stay positive. As designers, we like to see the finished product, but the real journey is during the process. Enjoy the ride.

3. Friends, Not Enemies

When it comes to working relationships and your goals, your friends are sometimes your biggest support and advocates. No network or friends = No advocates.

4. Seek Criticism, Not Praise

You only get better once you hear and accept constructive criticism. Make sure it's from a source you trust and respect. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it will make you stronger.

5. Travel More

Travel as offend as you can. The experiences you gain will help you become a well-rounded person...therefore a well-rounded designer. It's a huge advantage for designers and artists to have a global culture awareness. Your experiences will chine through your work. If you feel like you don't have the money or time right now, there are other solutions. Take a day trip to a different neighborhood in your own city or state; You will be surprised at the new things you may find.

6. Carry that Card

The power of a business card is underestimated. Get some cards if you don't have any and promote yourself. If you do have cards, be sure to share it with people you meet. You'll never know where and what that card could get you.

7. Get out of the Studio (or Office)

Not only will you learn more, but it's healthy to get away from the table every once and a while. Now get up and get some fresh air! ...well after you finish the article.

8. Color outside of the lines

Be a rebel. Being perfect does not equal being better.

9. Start a Side Project

Some people only choose to be creative at work or school and then shut down the motivation once they get home; Don't be that person. Some of your greatest work can come from the moment when you have no one dictating the outcome. Try it! You'll probably make something really cool!

10. Finish Your Side Project

Finish that art project you've been meaning to finish since last year! Put aside a few hours each weekend until it's done, and you'll be so happy you did...(and be sure to finish it by Valentine's Day. You could make it a love-gift to yourself) Share your projects with us on Instagram by adding #DBsideproject ...We will love to see it!

11. Keep an active sketchbook

(For a bigger challenge...fill up a sketchbook)

12. Show sketches, not polished ideas

Any opportunity you can get, sketch your ideas. We're humans. And we like human generated things. In the past, I've worked on many final design presentations, and my sketches get more attention and praise than the computer-generated drawings and renderings. Sketches allow clients and your audience to fill in the gaps and to see that the product is not "set in stone." So the next time you have the chance, don't be shy...draw that perspective by hand! Keep it Raw.

13. Do a Competition

Competing against yourself and others is the best and fastest way to make you better. The satisfaction and exposure that could come from entering a competition is immeasurable.

14. Be Yourself

Be yourself. The pressures of the outside world can sometimes be demanding and stressful. Don't let it change your true essence. Be yourself: You're only one that can do it best.

Happy New Year to all of our readers! Let's make 2015 a year to remember.


The DesignBloc

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