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The DesignBloc Feature // PLAY: The Documentary

PLAY: The Documentary

play (plā/) verb : engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.


All work and no play, is just no fun! People from all over the world are working themselves too hard, and leaving no time to enjoy the little moments in life. However, our friends at The Urban Conga are making a difference to change that.

The Urban Conga, is a non-profit community that activates social interaction through the act of "PLAY." Their motto says it all: "Come Out and Play." They're not only activating the streets of cities around the nation, they're fully invested in making a difference in under-utilized spaces, and changing our view of social interaction--One event at a time.


It's reported that they have recently teamed up with television writer/producer Michael J. Flanagan, who has created original entertainment for networks such as Nickelodeon, Fox Sports, NASCAR, Coca Cola, and ESPN, to create a documentary about the importance of PLAY.

About PLAY

PLAY is such a simple concept, but many people define it in different ways. "Our goal is to take these perspectives and show how they not only impact our personal lives but also our cities and communities" says The Urban Conga. They're actually so passionate about this campain, that they have started a Kickstarter page to promote the act of PLAY on a global level.

Check out more info about it here: The Urban Conga PLAY//Kickstarter


Ryan Swanson from The Urban Conga playing musical park bench they designed..


Park-ing Day 2014: Fun with the locals playing music and activating the streets of Tampa, Florida


The famous pink ping pong table designed by The Urban Conga. Giving people a reason to interact with those around them

Not only is their message inspiring, but if you help the cause, or as they say, "Join the Conga Line," they'll send you pretty cool stuff as their personal thanks! It's a win/win situation.

Be sure to check them out, and if you have any questions or ideas for future events, you can contact them at:


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