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All Rise, Court is Now in Session

Zaha Hadid is suing the New York Review of Books over an article that was published claiming that Hadid was “showing no concern” for the deaths of migrant construction workers currently working on her design for a football stadium (that’s soccer) for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. That’s right, we have a good, old fashioned defamation suit on our hands. Now I will present the arguments and allow you to come to your own conclusions. The complaint centers on an article by Filler that was on a review of the book “Why We Build” by Rowan Moore. Filler took issue with comments that Hadid had said earlier this year when saying that architects “have nothing to do with the workers” in reference to those that have been dying in great numbers on ambitious building projects in Qatar. Hadid is claiming that the passage was taken out of context before work had even begun on the stadium. The general topic was raised at a press conference she had attended in London earlier this year. Let the boxing match begin. Source:

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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