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Testing Revitalization in Myanmar

Myanmar is a country in flux so Entrepreneur Ivan Pun and architecture firm Leong Leong have taken an abandoned transit shed and transformed it into an art gallery. Since the handover of power from it’s military to a civilian government, the country is primed for revitalization projects of all sizes.


The old transit shed has been transformed into a 3,800 sf space with rotating art exhibits, design-oriented retail, restaurant and other programming. Pun is using this transit shed as a flagship to help revitalize his home city, Yangon. A typically dark shed has been replaced with a light, minimal interior flooded with natural light while being able to withstand the country’s monsoons rains. Currently the art gallery is holding an exhibition on contemporary Burmese art and a store front for Myanmar Made.

"I wanted to encourage people to talk more about urban development, especially about the rejuvenation of downtown Yangon... we need to do more projects in the area to inspire people to [invest in reviving it]." – Ivan Pun

Source: ArchRecord

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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