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It's Summer, and The Surf is Up!

Growing up within 30 mins to some of the nation's best beaches, pretty much every child was given some sort of board as their birthright.


If you're a surfer like I am, you know that the worst thing is getting old wax off of your board without killing a credit card or other plastic necessity. EAST Surf Co. now has an answer to all your wax removal problems. This Brooklyn-based surfwax maker decided to design a wax comb that is as elegant as it is useful. The design is simple: A flat side that removes the wax while the opposite side is toothed to add traction.

"We used American Walnut for its strength and durability and set out to make something that will last." (founder Matt Olerio)

Check out EAST Surf Co. With your purchase it also includes a bar of their surfwax.

The DesignBloc Contributor:

Sarah D./ Designer

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