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Shwood. It's a Household Name


Shwood is a purveyor of fine hand crafted wooden eyewear. Cut, shaped, assembled, finished and shipped all from its office in Portland. Their slogan is "Experiment with Nature," and that is just what they do. Everything from the concepts to manufacturing and packaging all started as an experiment in their wood shop.


Starting with Zebrawood to Walnut, and everything in between, they are able to craft just about any type of sunglasses that you could imagine.

Not into the wood grain look? Well they now offer slate stone fused with layers of wood! That's right, back to the stone age for fashion and to the future with titanium. All models are 100% UVA/UVB Carl Zeiss lenses with polarized options also available. Check out Shwoods for summer!





The DesignBloc Contributor:

Sarah D. / Designer

#craft #environment #creativity #product #productdesign

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