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Take a Look at What Coca-Cola is Doing to Empty Bottles... You Won't Believe It.

What a Beautiful Idea

Imagine a world with less empty coke bottles flooding our rivers and polluting our streets. In fact, think of a world where all empty bottles can have a 2nd life. This video shares with us what that may look like.

Coca Cola teamed up with award-winning ad agency Ogilvy & Mather China on a new “2nd Lives” campaign, and created 16 red screw-on caps that transform these plastic bottles into something fun, usable, and functional.

Graham Fink, the chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather China, explains the idea behind the project: “We have created fun tools with Coke bottle tops, bringing small moments of happiness into people’s lives.“


It's a Great Start.

Seems like a great way to slowly get people to be sensitive towards the environment. Although we would like to eventually see a bio-degradable bottle from a mainstream beverage giant, this is absolutely a great start!

The campaign will be giving 40,000 attachments to the people of Vietnam and then eventually, all of Asia will be able to experience the fun. I must admit, back here in the U.S, I'm a little jealous! What about us!?

For now, all we have to say is: Well done Coca-Cola...well done.

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