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Product Feature: "The Minnow"

Saving the Waves one Board at a Time:

Bureo (meaning "the waves" in Chilean), is the name of a Los Angeles-based sustainable skateboard company, that has recently come up with the world's first skateboard deck composed of recycled fishing nets! Its program, "Net Positiva," is the first fishnet recycling and collection program in Chile that creates a line of recycled skateboards; The first skateboard released is called, The Minnow.

The Design

What's so great about this? Not only is it a killer design, but it uses 30 sq ft. of harvested fishing nets reducing the design's greenhouse gas footprint by 70%! The wheels are made from 30% veggie oil and 100% recycled cores. The "Net Positiva" program ensures that all labor and materials are locally sourced while providing fishermen with an environmentally sound disposal point for old nets.

Now we all can save the waves, one skateboard at a time...

If you would like to know more about Bureo Boards, click to check out the video here

The DesignBloc Contributor:

Sarah D. / Designer


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