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It's For The Cows

No really, it's architecture for cows!

In 2003, Localarchitecture out of Switzerland was commissioned by two farmers to design a free-stall barn for 30 cows. The clients were asking for a contemporary building that would fit within the budget allocated by federal authorities for this type of construction since Swiss Agriculture is the most protected in the world.

It is a contemporary shape to an old world typology. Refreshing, if you will, the roof ridge that runs perpendicular to the contour lines and facades that are largely open to the valleys, you have modern architecture for Swiss Agriculture. These cows are going to grow up spoiled... taking all this great architecture for granted.

Old world meet new world.

If you want to find out more about Localarchitecture and this cow shed, click: here

The DesignBloc Contributor:

Sarah D. / Designer

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