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Unleash the Designs!

That's right kids... The designs for the Guggenheim Helsinki project have been revealed! Stage One involved submissions from 77 countries. Each submission is presented on the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition online gallery and allowed just two images and a brief concept summary provided by each competitor. However, don't expect to vote just for your favorite design big wigs. Each design is only listed by its registration number. Bit brief, yes, but the competitors were allowed to tag their project five times to help relate material, shape, texture and so on.

So what happens next?

An eleven member jury will meet sometime in November to review all submissions. It will then be narrowed down to just six, yes six, entries who will be invited to come and visit the site by December and will have till March 2015 to submit their final design.

The winner will be unveiled sometime next June. So stay tuned.

Check out all the submissions here

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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