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Banksy Hoax Strikes Again

By now, you may have already read on the internet that the legendary Banksy was arrested early morning by London's Metropolitan Police and his identity has been revealed!

Well take a deep breath. We have some news for you...


The DesignBloc is happy to report that this story is a HOAX. Yes, once again, the internet has tricked thousands of people. Shocking right?

The article featured on "National Report" goes on to identify Banksy as Paul Horner, and 35-year old male born in Liverpool, England. However, if you piece some of the critical information together, you're start to see the discrepancies.

If you look back a few weeks ago, Paul Horner is the name given to a Facebook spokesperson who stated that the site would soon be charging users $2.99. Also, it has been an alias used in a few other recent internet hoax's around the world.


The article also claims that the story of Banksy's arrest has been confirmed by the BBC, but it hasn't. Also it stated that the City of London Police Chief, Lyndon Edwards, held a press conference to answer questions about Banksy's arrest. This is not true, and Lyndon Edwards doesn't even exist! There are more discrepancies, but we won't glorify the article too much by pointing out all of the hideous lies.

So rest assured, Banksy isn't caught and sitting in jail. The mysterious artist is still free amongst the streets doing what he (or she) does best...awesome anonymous art.

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