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Product Feature: The Aerated Carafe

Designer Benjamin Hubert has designed a carafe that decants your choice of wine through a stainless steel aerator to improve the wine's flavor. Wine poured into the carafe drains through a matrix of holes in the base of a steel insert which is fitted snuggly into the neck of the carafe by a molded silicone collar. As the wine moves through the holes, the liquid is exposed to air which in turn, enhances the flavor.


But do not fear, the WW Carafe isn’t just for wine. It can be used to serve water or soft drinks while the steel insert prevents ice or garnishes from reaching the glass.

"The final 'raining' process is both visually arresting and, as the wine is poured from the bottle into the carafe, increases the surface area of the wine by eight times a normal pour from the bottle" – Hubert

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc Contributor

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