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Have a Glass or Two at The Montrose

If you find yourself in or around Park Slope, Brooklyn, why not stop and have a drink at The Montrose. Now this isn’t some ordinary whisky bar that is filled with the old world charm and aged walls one would expect. This place has something special happening inside.


Inspired by old world distilleries, Taylor and Miller Architecture created a playful three-

dimensional herringbone design. Basically, the design was used as an exercise from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional. Don’t think it’s just the walls that have this treatment, look to the ceiling as well. The owner, Steve Owen, got involved with the construction process.

As a practicing contractor, Owen was able to simplify from the high end to the use of 2x4 pine. That’s right kids, owner involvement to the point of swinging the hammer himself.

So stop in, have a drink and take in the view.

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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