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Top 5 New Apps for Designers and Urban Planners...You want it? There's an App for That.

Who doesn’t love a good app? Well, Urban Planners and Designers today is your day with the arrival of 5 new APPS. Check out the brief descriptions below: 1. StreetMix

Giving you the ability to redesign a street instantly without the hassle of political channels, community meetings or extensive planning and devising hunched over maps. Don’t fret yet, it’s not an actual data-driven planning tool. 2. WideNoise

Allows users the ability to track noise pollution across an entire city. That’s right, you can be the annoyed neighbor at two in the morning out on the streets. 3. Stereopublic

A participatory project that asks the users to find the quiet space within your city. 4. OppSites

Alright investors, this app is for you. This one is helping connect cities that wish to develop with national investors. It will give real-time market and civic updates on the locations that are looking for a few dollars thrown their way. 5. OpportunitySpace

Features under-used or vacant sites that are publicly-owned to help connect with developers, investors and the general public. Source:

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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