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A Design Festival: London Style

Mark Your Calendar: London Design Festival For all my Brits and non-Brits alike, get out your pen and add something to your calendars. The London Design Festival is back and running from September 13 – 21.

Started in 2003, the festival has become one of the world’s most important annual designn events. This year you get more than 300 events and exhibitions from designers all over the world. Just a small tasting of the events scheduled...

The Global Design Forum: Debating the role of design in a sustainable and prosperous future

The Landmark Project: Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, in conjunction with BMW havedesigned an installation located in the V&A’s Raphael Gallery. Of course in this group arestructures located within Trafalgar Square answering a call to ‘A Place Called Home” to four different designers. Do we have your interest piqued? Give their site a visit and see what there is to do or even take part in this festival. Source:

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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