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Thatch-Roofed Pavilion Wins in Northern Ireland


This is what happens when an artist and architect join forces, and Jeffry’s House is created.

This thatch-roofed retreat was built overlooking a forest, sandy beaches and sea in Northern Ireland. Constructed by Emily Mannion and Thomas O’Brien in the Ards Forest Park, the raised timber structure stands on stilts reducing its environmental impact.

The name comes from the nearby lake with the same name: Jeffry’s Lough. It was built after Thomas O’Brien won a competition through the Irish Architecture Foundation that asked for proposals to enhance the natural surroundings. The elevated design allows for small plants to grow underneath it, while plenty of openings allow sunlight as well as the marine breeze to flow in and out. The thatched roof is made of woven dried straw and is biodegradable.

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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