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An Invisible Keyboard: "AirType"

Introducing the "Air Type Keyboard".

It's a keyboard without keys-- currently being developed by a team of designers in Austin, Texas. Instead of buttons to push on your device, you can make any surface (even the air) your keyboard! Who needs those keys anyway?

Well, hmmm...actually I do.

I know how to type, but I like looking down at the keys every once in a while. Yeah, I'll admit it: I need those letters and numbers! It's a beautiful design, but I'm thinking of the pain and suffering after typing just one paragraph (imagine the autocorrect).


According to its creators, Air Type keyless keyboard will work with an application that allows spell checking and dynamic text. Whew!

Currently, Airtype is still in it's development phase, so for now, Iets be mesmerized by that sleek design below:


AirType's cuff design


AirType devices slip over tablets for storage and transport

[All images courtesy of AirType]

Learn more at: AirType

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