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Espresso and Architects. Inspiration in the Rubble


Another espresso bar hits the streets of Soho, New York. Studio Vural Principal Selim Vuram said the design process started with an accidental find during demolition. A photograph in the rubble of a blue man playing a flute to a woman is what started it. It was the Indian God Krishna, playing his flute as a gesture of love and harmony to his lover.



“Iconic Cafe is an architectural reflection on Krishna & Radha’s timeless story adapted to NYC. We fused the richness of pattern & color in Indian art with cool, disruptive modernity of New York. Our project is a well calibrated blend of dynamic forms, 90 year old wood joists, wax finished oak paneling and amazing Mexican tiles (Indian too costly) that will take you to a multi-cultural consciousness in your digitized coffee break.”


Iconic Café introduces Indian coffee, roasted on site, as well as vegan sandwiches.

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc Contributor

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