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An Awkward Birthmark That Unlocks Phones

Okay, so it's not really a birthmark, but it sure does come close to one!

Google, Motorola, and VivaLnk inc have come to the conclusion that unlocking our phone by typing or swiping our finger is just too annoying for us to handle. According to their research, "the average mobile phone user spends 2.3 seconds to access their phone, approximately 39 times a day", and because of this horrific time loss, things just had to change around here. World peace has to take a back seat today

So as a attempt to end this first world problem, they teamed up and created VivaLnk, a copper birthmark sticker, or as they call it, a "digital tattoo". The VivaLnk is a nickel-sized digital tattoo that unlocks one’s mobile Moto X with a simple touch of the phone to the adhesive design. First, I thought this was a joke. Second, I realized it's not April Fool's Day...then I shook my head. This can't be real life.


The digital tattoo is worn on the inside of your wrist and is thin and flexible, so you don’t even know it’s there....UNTIL you open your eyes.


Close up shot of the alien marking. Hmmmm, now Google will be able to track your every movement...

Cheers to the video for at least trying to make this thing look cool.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments box below. Is this novel or nonsense? Do think it looks like one of those unquestionable markings on your body that your friends or co-workers would be too nice to question you about? Would you use it?

We want to know. Seriously.

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