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BIG Maze

The Great Hall of the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. is not an easy space to program. It's 300 feet long and several stories in height tends to swallow lectures and small-scale programs. On July 4, Bjarke Ingels Group opened their BIG Maze within the hall as part of the museum's annual Summer Block Party. Architect's and a party? Who knew?


The maze itself only occupies the eastern third of the Great hall standing at 57 square feet and 18 feet high at spots. Created to engage all three dimensions, the idea was that while in the middle of the maze with its lowered walls you are given a clear view of the whole maze as well as the Great Hall itself

“I had anxiety attacks that it was going to be too easy,” Ingels has said. “But it’s actually pretty confusing.” The sloping walls are a kind of ruse, suggesting, as they decrease in height, that you’re on the right path, but maybe you’re not."

Written by The DesignBlc Cntributor:

Sarah D. / Designer

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