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Patron Saint...of Architecture!?

Oh, What a Saint!

That’s right fellow architects, we may finally have a Saint to pray to when deadlines loom, clients become unbearable, or we need an extra hour of sleep? Finally Now, who may this be you may be asking yourself? After sifting through all of the famous names you can recall from hours in architecture school… it’s Antoni Gaudi. An Architect a Saint? ...Who knew!

Antoni Gaudi, Looking All Saintly!

WWGD: What Would Gaudi Do?

Within the next year, Pope Francis is reported to be potentially beatifying the Architect. So, what exactly does this mean? Beatification is only the third of four steps that must be completed to be completely canonized. The fourth step will require proof that Gaudi had actually performed at least one miracle.

Maybe if La Sagrada Familia finally gets finished being built, we can count that one as a miracle. I wonder if 144-year long miracles count...It is pretty beautiful so far!

Tell us what you think. Who would your choice of “Saint of Architecture” be?


Written by The DesignBloc Contributor:
Sarah D. / Designer

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