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3D Printed Cast Wins Design Award

Take a look at this new design for a cast. 3D printing is the way of the future, and this product design explores medical applications. This Osteoid Medical cast, attachable bone stimulator by Deniz Karasahin is a beautiful connection between design and health. "The goal of this project is to improve the overall healing experience for broken or fractured limbs by focusing on the patient’s comfort and the amount of time needed for the body to heal itself"

This 3D printed cast system is not your ordinary smelly, cotton cast. As described by the design team, "Conventional medical casts sacrifice ventilation for structural integrity. As a result they are itchy, they smell very bad and due to plaster’s material properties they are bulky, heavy and they limit patient’s exposure to water." Not only did the team think of saving us from the bulky, smelly, cotton monster, they incorporated accelerated healing strategies as well. "Osteoid medical cast can also be combined with its complimentary, low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) bone stimulator system. For single 20 minute daily sessions this system promises to reduce the healing process up to 38% and increase the heal rate up to 80% in non-union fractures."

What do you think of the cast? How will your friends sign their names and obscene messages on top of your broken arm you ask? We're thinking, with something so unique and refined, who would want their cast decorated with signatures?! Okay, if someone is really desperate, they can sign between the holes.

Read more details at: A' Design Awards & Competition

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