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IKEA Buys a Wind Farm: The Largest Renewable Investment Anywhere on the Planet.

Ikea just got 50 cool points from me today. This morning they announced that they are buying there first wind farm in the United States, a 98 MW wind project in Hoopestown, Ill., approximately 110 miles south of Chicago.

This purchase represents the single largest renewable investment made by Ikea anywhere on the planet, and gets the company closer to its goal of being net zero (producing as much as it consumes) by 2020. The total amount of money allocated to this corporate energy effort is $2 billion.

The Hoopeston wind facility is expected to generate up to 380,000 megawatthours of renewable energy each year, which is equivalent to 165 percent of the electricity consumed by Ikea U.S. (comprised of 38 stores, five distribution centers, two service centers and one factory), or 18 percent of the electricity used by the Ikea Group worldwide.

Ikea.. You make my sustainable soul proud! Cheers to the wind.

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