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Just to clarify:

Not this type of model.

Want to master your model making skills? Want to have your work stand out?


If you were hoping to become a Model, I'm sorry this won't...

The Design Bloc Welcomes Brand Ambassador, Noah-Wooding Gonzalez to contribute this post about his experience with sketching and his tips on how it can be effective during a design jury/presentation. Enjoy and shar...

Survival of the Fittest ...

In architecture school, my brutally honest Design III Professor would always say to us, "Many are called, but few will survive." As I found out years later, she was right.

Out of the 425 s...

Back to School Vibes are Here...

To combat some of that back-to-school stress, The DesignBloc is presenting a list of the "Top 7 Backpacks for Designers and Architecture Students"

Top 7 Backpacks for Designers a...

The time has finally come. The DesignBloc Shop is now open!

The DesignBloc Shop is still in it's early phase, but it will serve as our hub for people to search and order merchandise that is "For Designers, by Design...

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