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The DesignBloc Shop is Now Open!

The time has finally come. The DesignBloc Shop is now open!

The DesignBloc Shop is still in it's early phase, but it will serve as our hub for people to search and order merchandise that is "For Designers, by Designers."

"Our Mission is to help support underprivileged children discover their full potential as future artists and designers. Therefore, 10% of our net profits are directly donated to provide art supplies to underprivileged youth and other charitable organizations around the world."

From T-shirts, sunglasses, tote bags, mugs, and soon -- hats, it's there. Our tagline is "For Designers, by Designers," meaning we plan to have on-going releases by guest designers, in addition to our main design team. If you have any proposals, feel free to send us your ideas! In the meantime check it out:

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