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The Rom Receives Protected Status!

Built in 1978, The Rom Skatepark located in East London, has officially become the first European skatepark to be awarded a protected status. The Department for Culture, Madia and Sport ruled on the advice of English Heritage, that the park is "nationally important and of special interest." This is only the second skatepark in the world to be acknowledged for cultural significance and it now joins the Bro Bowl in Tampa, Florida.


A 8,000 s.m. park was designed by Adrian Rolt and G-Force following the opening of Skate City on London's Southbank. It's one of only a few surviving parks from this period that have its original features.

The Rom has now joined the ranks as such "unusual" structures in England such as Lubetkin's Penguin Pool and a crosswalk made famous by the Beatles' Abbey Road album.


Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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