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Is it Tron?

Is it Tron?

No it’s a glow in the dark swing set!

Time to bring out your inner child. Howeler + Yoon Architecture has brightened up a Boston Park to encourage play outside of the confines of the playground. The Boston based firm was commissioned by the city’s Convention Center to create a centerpiece to a new temporary park that was being set in an industrial area that is part of a redevelopment scheme trying to attract technology companies to this area.


Swing Time, is a set of 20 illuminated swings that are suspended from steel scaffolding. The swings themselves are translucent plastic hoops that contain LED lights that respond to activity. For the techies out there, there is a microcontroller and accelerometer within each swing that is able to chart the levels of motion and inform the color changes.If you are ready to go running to this park, you are in luck, it opened two weeks ago and will remain in place for the next 18 months.

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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