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You’ve Heard of Pop-Up Restaurants? Well, Let’s Welcome the Pop-Up Park

Welcome to Philadelphia’s Spruce Street Harbor Park. A spot that is turning into more than just a temporary, recreational haven. It's a preview of what a city’s vision of an industrial waterfront can be. Created by Groundswell Design Group, the 5,500 SF park has turned into a success on the banks of the Delaware River.


The team created a boardwalk along the river, repurposed three floating barges as a waterside refuge with beer garden and restaurant, and planted 30 trees to create floating gardens on the river. But that’s just the riverside! On the shore side, it welcomed bistro style tables and chairs, over 50 hammocks and strung 800 feet of lights.


Get there while you can as it is planned to be dismantled sometime after Labor Day... (possibly too late?) but do not fear as there are plans for its return next summer. Till then, many pieces will be reused for the Waterfront Winterfest to be held later this year at the site.

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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