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Welcome to “Frackpool”

Jason Lamb is the name.


A recent graduate of the Bartlett School of Architecture in London asked the important question that framed his thesis, “Is there a way that you could implement fracking with long term benefit to the community?” This being a thesis, of course it is speculative, but uses Blackpool as a testing ground for this type of self-sustained urban planning since Blackpool sits on a bed of shale rock.

His design has 35 fracking stations in a town that uses pressurized water to release the natural gases and then recirculated the used water back into the infrastructure for repeated use. However, this was conceived around job creation for this seaside town. Fracking infrastructure within the town’s center, urban greenhouses and fishing markets are the new economy in this design.

We all know that fracking is a hotbed of concerns and a large environmental issue lately, so tell us what you think. Is this something that should be looked at further?


Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc

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