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Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design (CIRD) Announces 2014 Awards

Citizens’ institute on Rural Design (CIRD) Announces 2014 Awards

CIRD just announced the four organizations that have been selected to host the 2014-2015 rural design technical assistance workshops. CIRD’s mission in these workshops is to bring together local leaders, non-profits, community organizations, and citizens with a team of specialists in design, planning, community and economic development, and creative placemaking to address design challenges identified by the host community.

Out of 48 applicants, 4 workshop hosts were chosen:

  • Carl Small Town Center: Houston Community, Mississippi

  • Oregon County Food Producers and Artisans Co-Op: Oregon County, Missouri

  • Lincoln and Lancaster County Planning Department: Lancaster County, Nebraska

  • University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension (UNHCE): Franklin, New Hampshire

Want to know more about CIRD or the workshops that will take place among the four winning locations? Check them out at and find a way to get involved.

Sarah D. I Designer I The DesignBloc Contributor

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