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The Abyss Table

A Cross-Section of the Ocean


Christopher Duffy is at it again. This time he brings the ocean to your living room using layers of custom cut glass at wood to create an illusion of the ocean. While Duffy’s work usually plays with gravity, his new undertaking is showing a bit more depth... into the ocean.

"I was looking into sheets of thick glass at my glass manufacturer's factory, and noticed how the material darkened as they added more layers - the same way the sea does as it deepen and I wanted to use this effect to replicate a real piece of the earth's sea bed. Like a mythical power had lifted a perfect rectangle straight from the earth's crust to use as his personal ornament," states Duffy.


We love the beause and complexity of this piece and love the mix between architecture, sculpture, landscape forms, and furniture design. It grabs our attention from all angles...literally.

How Do I Get One?

Want one of these conversation pieces as your new coffee table? That is going to set you back a measly £5,800.00. Hey, no one said owning a piece of the ocean was going to be cheap.

If you would like to find out more about the abyss table, click here

The DesignBloc Contributor:

Sarah D. / Designer

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