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"Gonna Take Pollution Down to Zero..."

Fighting Air Pollution... Through Your Roofing Tiles?

How is this even possible? The compound that makes it all happen is Titanium dioxide. Sounds fancy, but you probably used some of it today without even knowing. The everyday person uses it in a variety of plastics and sunscreens. Also with the intense white color of the compound, it's quite popular in various paints.

Now let's get to the point, "How can this fight air pollution!?" you may ask? It bascially acts as a photocatalyst. As a chemical reaction takes place while it's exposed to UV light, it accelerates a chemical reaction that oxidizes smog producing nitrogen oxides and V.O.C.’s. A thick coating of this on your roof will remove 97% of the gasses, or if you prefer a lighter coating, 88% reductions.

The cost of all this, $5 to coat your new roof! Nice. Okay, so it will fight pollution down to zero, but all you need is $5 to get the fighting started. Captain Planet would be proud. [Cue the theme music]

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Sarah D. // Designer

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