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Pinch us, NCARB Just Did What!?

Pinch us, we must be dreaming. NCARB has officially announced that the wait period to retake an architectural licensing exam has been reduced from 6 months to 60 days! This is unbelievable news considering that this rule has been in place since 1998, when they started the computer based format.

For those that are unfamiliar with the process, ARE stands for Architectural Registration Exam, and is comprised of 7 exams. In order to become a licensed Architect, one must complete and pass all 7 exams in the allotted time (5 years) and complete an internship development program (IDP) of approximately 5,600 hours and then, FINALLY, they are legally allowed to call themselves the coveted title: Architect.

5 years may be a lot of time to some people, but when you're working full-time at 60+ hours a week (normal architect schedule), and have a family or yourself to take of, you quickly run out of study time. On top of that, if you happen to fail an exam, you lose your studying momentum because you now have to wait 6 months before you take the same exam again! Argh,'s a very frustrating process, but all of that will change on October 1, 2014!

Well, we can't believe the day has come. Pigs are probably flying, and Hell is getting a little icy. Cheers to NCARB for making our days a little brighter.

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