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What's this Installation at the Venice Biennale All About?

Bling Bling. Look what Venice just got!

German designer Heinz Mack has created one of the largest installations developed for the Venice biennale in history. It's called, "The Sky over Nine Columns" and Mack created the peice to showcase the importance of the column in architectural history... (Hmmm, okay sure)

The installation is a grid made up of nine identical golden columns that rise seven-metres-high.

(Quick Song Break)

"On the 9th day of Venice Biennale, my true love gave to me: 9 Golden Columns..."

Decorated with over 850,000 shimmering golden mosaic tiles intended to reflect the light of the sun and moon. One can see the pillars installed in the waterside church square on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, but don't stare too long, you may go blind. And you know what they say about blind designers...

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[Photograph is by Alessandra Chemollo]

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