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Pharrell Williams: 2014 AIA Convention Keynote Speaker?


That's the reaction I got from my fellow architecture posse after I told them about this. As you could guess from the title, "The producer and emcee will deliver the keynote address at the AIA 2014 National Convention. Happy now?" states ARCHITECT (see full article here) I love you Pharrell...(more than you'll ever know). But where is this love for architecture coming from? First Kanye now you? I think it's safe to say, "Architecture is the New Black." That's right, and it's damn about time we got some recognition from the outside world. So if you're confused by this decision, don't worry, be "Happy"; You're definitely not the only one. Go ahead and clap. Williams joins artist and urban planner Theaster Gates and MacArthur Genius and architect Jeanne Gang, FAIA, as speakers who will deliver keynote addresses.

Despite my initial confusion, I've now settled down. But I still am left with one question for Pharrell - Can I design the hat you'll be wearing when you give the speech? Please...pretty please?

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